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Corruption Test

Corruption Test – Korruptionstest is an ongoing series of postal experiments.
Whenever I am abroad, or when friends or acquaintances of mine travel somewhere exotic, I ask them to send me two postcards

1000 & Deine Sicht, Zittau, 17.9.2022

1000 & Deine Sicht is a traveling exhibition reflecting on the experiences of the pandemic. If you’re in the area, don’t miss “Osmodrama“, an experiment on telling stories using smell, as well as the 3Kick on Sept. 17, a triangular soccer tournament.A print of “Pandemic […]

Art Göttingen 4

I am very happy to be part of Art Göttingen again. Art Göttingen will take place on June 3-5 2022 Art GöttingenHolbornsches HausRote Str 34Göttingen 10am – 6pm I will be there and inviting you to play with another iteration of my Re-Gram Installation.


Re-Gram is an interactive analogue Instagram. I usually print the last several hundred pictures from my Instagram feed on 10x15cm. The images are presented in a random order after omitting all contextualizing information so that only the iconographic information itself remains. Due to this process […]

Vermehrt Schönes!

„Vermehrt Schönes!“ translates to „Increase Beauty!“. It is an edition of screenprinted posters onto which a layer of shredded € banknotes has been applied. The different colors come from different compositions of the shreds. Here is a timelapse video of the process. Listen to the […]