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Projects can be series of distinct, but related artworks. Or forms or media of art that do not fit other classic modes of categorization. Or single artworks that are so big that they deserve to be in a special category:)


Re-Gram is an interactive analogue Instagram. I usually print the last several hundred pictures from my Instagram feed on 10x15cm. The images are presented in a random order after omitting all contextualizing information so that only the iconographic information itself remains. Due to this process […]

Fortress Europe.

The Grass is always greener on the other Side. Six billion euros is the amount that the European Union paid Turkey between 2016-2018 to prevent refugees from continuing to travel to Europe. By shifting its borders, the EU is trying to free itself from its […]


Monolog is a series of videos, created using blind text (“Lorem ipsum dolor…”) spoken by male MacOS speech synthesizer voices.
The nonsenical text is projected onto women who have no other choice but passively listen.