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Konzeptuell bedeutet, dass die Idee im Mittelpunkt steht. Es ist die Botschaft. Es definiert das Medium. Es ist das Kunstwerk. Was übrig bleibt, sind oft bloße Artefakte, die nicht mit dem Kunstwerk selbst zu verwechseln sind, was das Konzept ist.

Corruption Test

    Corruption Test – Korruptionstest is an ongoing series of postal experiments.
    Whenever I am abroad, or when friends or acquaintances of mine travel somewhere exotic, I ask them to send me two postcards


      Re-Gram is an interactive analogue Instagram. I usually print the last several hundred pictures from my Instagram feed on 10x15cm. The images are presented in… Read More »Re-Gram

      Don't Panic

        With "Don't Panic" printed surgical masks on the occasion of the first lockdown

        Dead techxt

          Keys from discarded keyboards are used to „type“ words or letters. The series „TYPE – SWIPE – TOUCH“ references the current transition to touch (and… Read More »Dead techxt


            Monolog is a series of videos, created using blind text (“Lorem ipsum dolor…”) spoken by male MacOS speech synthesizer voices.
            The nonsenical text is projected onto women who have no other choice but passively listen.