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GDPR-compliant phone book

    GDPR-compatibel phone directory: Everything but advertisements has been censored.

    With GDPR entering into force in May 2018, there was a lot of uncertainty and speculation about what would still be legal use of data (and how). One of my favorite items to be speculated about (besides names on mail boxes and door bells) was, whether the distribution (and use) of phone books was still feasible.

    It turns out, phone books still exist. But when was the last time you used an actual physical phone book? And are you still listed in it?

    In Germany, if you have not opted out, you might be, since your city has the right to sell your data.
    according to § 50 V BMG. If you don’t like that, you have the right to opt out.

    I got a current phone book and started making it GDPR compliant by censoring all Data that were not payed advertisements.