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Die Kunst des Scheiterns – The Art of Failure (or The Art to Fail?)

    Die Kunst des Scheiterns is an exhibition by Peter Weiss Haus in Rostock on September 8 thru 18 2022.

    Die Kunst des Scheiterns. Bild: Peter Weiss Haus Rostock

    Peter Weiss Haus
    Doberaner Str 21

    Sept 8-18 2022

    Titled “The Art of Failure” Peter-Weiss-Haus Rostock presents a collection of work by 70 artists. On display will be “all the artworks that did not meet our own expectations or those of the outside world, that could not be completed or that have dedicated themselves to the ambivalent concept of failure and try to make it tangible in their art.”

    Some examples of my mail art series Corruption Test will be shown there for the first time as well as my filed trials of turning shredded banknotes into briquettes:

    Briquette made from shredded Euro banknotes, 2015