Fortress Europe.

The Grass is always greener on the other Side. Six billion euros is the amount that the European Union paid Turkey between 2016-2018 to prevent refugees from continuing to travel to Europe. By shifting its borders, the EU is trying to free itself from its […]

Vermehrt Schönes!

„Vermehrt Schönes!“ translates to „Increase Beauty!“. It is an edition of screenprinted posters onto which a layer of shredded € banknotes has been applied. The different colors come from different compositions of the shreds. Here is a timelapse video of the process. Listen to the […]

Pandemic toilet paper

Corona art: Spring 2020, Corona and the lockdown dominate the media. Toilet paper is, if it is still in stock at all, only sold in “household” quantities. The churches are closed, fundamental rights are largely restricted. A Schönfelder (collection of German laws), a school Bible […]

Dead techxt

Keys from discarded keyboards are used to „type“ words or letters. THE series „TYPE – SWIPE – TOUCH“ references the current transition to touch (and may sometime in the future) auditive devices or, in a more mundane way, for fixing pot holes in Detroit. Other […]

Brexit Postcards

I spent the original date of Brexit (March 29th 2019) in London. When I booked the trip in the beginning of March that year, it was still quite uncertain if and how it would happen. The trip was supposed to be an experiment to see […]

GDPR-compliant phone book

With GDPR entering into force in May 2018, there was a lot of uncertainty and speculation about what would still be legal use of data (and how). One of my favorite items to be speculated about (besides names on mail boxes and door bells) was, […]


Monolog is a series of videos, created using blind text (“Lorem ipsum dolor…”) spoken by male MacOS speech synthesizer voices.
The nonsenical text is projected onto women who have no other choice but passively listen.